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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order from Standard Beverage?[+]

Just call us our Customer Service Line at 1-800-999-8797 Option 1

What is Standard Beverage’s Return Policy or Terms of Sale?[+]

We understand that damage, errors, and payment issues will occur from time to time. For that reason, we have adopted the following Terms of Sale:

All sales are final.

  • Any shortages, shipping errors or damaged product must be reported within 24 hours of the date of delivery, or the next business day.
  • Any pick up and credit requests allowable by law must be called in to Customer Service prior to the next delivery day.
  • Drivers are only authorized to pick up product that appears in the pickup section of the invoice.
  • Standard Beverage is not responsible for products that are damaged or broken by our retail customers, their employees or their patrons.

At Standard Beverage, we subscribe to the “POET” philosophy:

Perfect Order Every Time

We hold ourselves to high standards to achieve this goal, but the aim is simple…

  • The Correct Product
  • In the Correct Condition
  • At the Correct Time and Place
  • At the Correct Price


I’m a new liquor retailer.  How do I get setup with Standard Beverage?[+]

Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you. Just call us at 1-800-999-8797 Option 1.

How are items on the pick-up document handled?[+]

Items in the pick-up portion of the invoice are not added to the invoice total.  When an item is listed for pick-up, the driver will write the credit amount in the adjustment section and deduct it from the invoice total.  If the item listed for pick-up is not picked up and credited on that day’s invoice, the customer will have to call in another pick-up request for the next delivery day.

What happens if my outstanding balance is not paid?[+]

Any outstanding balances must be resolved prior to the next order by calling Customer Service.  Customer Service will not be able to accept new orders until the balance is paid or the issue is resolved. For any questions about your outstanding balance or disputed amounts please call Customer Service and choose Option 4.

Can my driver pick up items not listed on the pick-up document?[+]

No.  If you have additional items to be picked up, call Customer Service to have them added to the pickup document for the next delivery day.

Product in my store is past its “best before” date. What do I do?[+]

If a product is out of date when it is received, it can be returned for full credit.  If the item is not on that day’s invoice, contact Customer Service for authorization to return the product on your next delivery date.

A week after delivery, I found a broken bottle in a case. What do I do?[+]

Orders should be inspected for damage at the time of delivery. Any damage found must be reported within 24 hours.

I received beer with one broken bottle in one six pack. What do I do?[+]

Report this damage to the driver, with proof of the breakage, and a credit will be applied to the current invoice for each bottle broken.  If you would like a credit for the entire case, the driver will remove the case from the store and a deduction will be given off the current invoice.

I have a retail business and a club business. Can I get separate invoices?[+]

We have a solution for this situation in most circumstances, call customer service to have it set up for your business.

How do I ensure that non-shipped items are placed on backorder?[+]

Items that are listed as non-shipped must be called in to Customer Service and placed on backorder.

Will my driver pick up a keg if it is not on the pick-up document?[+]

Yes, list it on the keg deposit line for a $30.00 credit.

I order product yesterday, but I do not want that order today.[+]

We understand last minute adjustments are sometimes required. However, we request that order refusals be kept to a minimum to keep our costs and our prices as low as possible.

What do I do if a product is damaged?[+]

If you noticed product that is damaged, please call this to our driver’s attention as quickly as possible. If you find hidden damage after a delivery, call us at 1-800-999-8797 Option 1 and ask for our corrections department.

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